FreeStyle Street Basketball

FreeStyle Street Basketball 2.07

Freestyle Street Basketball is a basketball-based MMORPG from JC Entertainment
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JC Entertainment

Freestyle Street Basketball is a MMORPG developed by JC Entertainment. The game is one of the few sports-based MMORPGs on the market. Although the North America distribution ran into problems with Sierra Online's demise, the game has now gained new breath under GameKiss.

The concept is simple: you create your player with several customizable options such as body type, height, color and sex. Once you have all your gear set up, you join a match to play. The game follows an RPG-like experience system, so after each match you get experience points that will help improve your character attributes. There is also some clothing that affects your attributes.

The game matches are really fun, the controls are not complicated, giving every user the ability to hop right into a game and start playing. The main issues with this game are dragged from the Sierra Online days. The load times are very slow and feels like the game just freezes on you; there is also a bit of a trick to join a game as well. It is sometimes not that simple. However, in the end, the game is free so these problems can be overlooked, let alone the fact is that the match action is fun, fast and entertaining.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good basketball action
  • Free


  • Slow load times and connection bugs
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